Kyaiktiyo pagoda, now known as Golden Rock, is located on top of Kyaiktiyo hill at about 3600 feet (1100 meters) above sea level, 210 km from Yangon. The pagoda was built over a hair relic, over 2500 years ago in the lifetime of Buddha. Legend has it that hair relic was given to a hermit by lord Buddha himself. Sitting uniquely at the apex of a huge boulder precariously perched on a projecting tabular rock, it is not known what freakish law has kept the boulder in its positionfor many centuries despite serveral violent earthquakes.

The Last Capital of Myanmar Kingdom, the Largest Cith after Yangon.
Mandalay has great importance as a culture center.

Mandalay Palace and Moat

U Pein Bridge
1.2 km long across Taungthaman Lake, built in 1849 with teak planks from Innwa Palace.